How to stop being a yo-yo exerciser

yo-yo-312175_150Do you start your new fitness regime full of enthusiasm and energy? Do you workout daily for an hour or more and constantly try and add more exercise into your day?  But then, life interrupts and stops you going to the gym or for a run or walk, and you stop for a day, a week, a month – sometimes even longer.

If so, you’re a yo-yo exerciser. (join the club!)

And it’s hard starting again – just like dealing with weight issues, we put it off until tomorrow or next week or after a party, or when you have more time….and another day goes by without you exercising.

But there is hope. There is a way to end being a yo-yo exerciser.

When you start a new fitness programme  you have to put more into it, mentally and physically. Mentally, you have to persuade yourself to get up earlier and go for a run, or to go the gym after work even though you’re tired.  Physically, you have to coax your muscles to work a bit harder every time, even though it’s easier to just coast.  But if you continue, after several months of consistency exercise then becomes a habit, and you start reaping the benefits of increasing muscle tone and overall fitness, and find it easier to mentally prepare yourself.

So start an exercise habit today.  A small one.  Promise yourself that from now on you will do 10 minutes of exercise every single day (everyone can fit iin 10 minutes somewhere in their schedule).

Just 10 minutes.  Now of course you might find that after 10 minutes you’re enjoying it and want to carry on – great!  But if not, or if you really only have 10 minutes to spare, stop.  You’ve done the basic, and started to strengthen your habit muscle.

Will 10 minutes make a difference physically?  Yes, a little.  But it’s not the physical side of your that this works on – it’s the mental side of getting into a consistent habit, of being able to mentally see yourself as someone who exercises every day without fail.

What are you waiting for?  Schedule those 10 minutes in your diary now – no excuses!

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